Update 20Sep2021: [Virual] Emergency General Meeting called for Tuesday, 20th September 2021 at 6:30 for 7:00pm. Members who have not received an invitation by email may contact SecWSRC.

Update 20Mar2021: Details of all Members with a current FAC and SCC have been forwarded to GroveSmallArms who have emailed their current Newsletter to the same – see Events. Probationers still cannot be catered for and remain on hold until the Plague abates and instruction can restart. If anyone is unsure where they stand, contact SecWSRC.

Update 23Feb2021: OK, the ranges open on 29 March – which is a Monday, so think April. Keep an eye on this site and Grove’s for updates. Notification of shoots will be by email.

Update 15Jan2021: ‘In light of the restrictions announced by the Devolved Administrations and HM Government, the NRA working with colleagues in the MoD has agreed to the cancellation of all NRA affiliated club bookings until 15th February 2021.’ – Thanks Guys.

Update 16Dec2020: Read_These – Sample Grove C19 Range Briefs and Squadding.

The Club was formed in 1929 to practice target shooting as promoted by the National Rifle Association (NRA) with Thetford Range as its home. In those early days members would have used the .303 rifles issued to the British Armed Services. Nowadays most members practice with specialised 7.62x51mm/.308Win target rifles.

The Club is affiliated to the NRA and the Suffolk County Rifle Association (SCRA) and is a Home Office Approved Club. It hosts the SCRA Closed and Open Meetings and holds an annual Club Championship.

We do not have a clubhouse and rely on booking military ranges. From March to September we book two range dates each month (except July because this would clash with the NRA Imperial Meeting at Bisley). The second Saturday of the month is a Long Range shoot at 800, 900 and 1000 yards at Barton Road. The fourth/last Saturday is a Short Range shoot at 300, 500 and 600 yards at Thetford. Shooting dates can be viewed from Events. Events are updated regularly and notification of an update is given in Recent Posts / Update 2020.xx.

westsuffolkrifleclub.org/events-2(opens in a new tab)

We are a friendly club and welcome new and prospective members who we will assist and coach. There are two club rifles that new or probationary members can borrow, one with a telescope sight, the other with aperture sights and the Club can sell 7.62x51mm/.308Win ammunition to members. Annual subscription is £60.00 and range fees are £15.00 (£20.00 for visiting members of a club that cannot offer the reciprocal use of a DIO gallery range). Application for Membership forms can be downloaded from Membership.

For further information contact the Secretary (secwsrc@gmail.com).