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* See the Newsletter for instructions to book a slot with Grove.

NOTE: WSRC Shoots are on hold until attendances increase as the Plague abates. To Register Interest in WSRC Shoots you will be routed to the Members’ Database. n.b. You will now come in at the Edit page directly and then only required to LOGIN if your login details were not saved last time. Remember to click the SAVE button at the bottom of the form.

ALSO NOTE: That if you are not in the database, or rejected by it, or just scared of it, and your grandchildren can’t do it, email

All bookings are liable to be cancelled or changed at short notice so check Recent Posts / Update 2020.xx before setting out.

Dates for ranges more than three months ahead are provisional.

Members and County Members (members of another Home Office Approved Club) who wish to shoot with the Club must register this intention with the contact by 18:00 on the Wednesday ten days before the date. This allows the club to allocate squads and tasks. Obviously if you register to attend you should turn up (come rain or shine) or the system fails! Requests for registration, responses, confirmations or cancellations will be posted on this website and/or by email whenever possible. When you register we will need to know your name and club, if you shoot on NRA or F Class Targets, if your rifle/ammunition is HME (Barton Road only) and if you will stay all day.

You must bring your FAC, SCC, and Club Membership Card to all shoots.